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EV Automotive Fuse Safely Interrupts up to 1000 VDC


SCHURTER launches its AEO 10.3x38mm midget-fuse series, particularly suited for battery protection in electric vehicles. The AEO series safely interrupts short circuits up to 20kA at 1000/800 VDC, with a current rating range of 10-50 A. The series offers mounting versatility in addition to its remarkable high performance.

The new AEO series fuse meeting reliability specification according to AEC-Q200 and is UL approved. Mounting options include compatibility with SCHURTER’s heavy duty CSO fuse clip designed for voltages up to 1500 VDC, and currents up to 32 A. Other options include in-line axial terminals for wire connections, through-hole PCB mounting, or screw mount PCB.

High voltages and high currents occur in electric vehicles in numerous places. Their battery packs with several thousand rechargeable cells store enormous amounts of energy in order provide for the demands of drive performance and distance, with the shortest possible charging times. Such applications require highly reliable fuses to safeguard such power. They are used, for example, in the Battery Management System (BMS), on- board and off-board chargers, DC-DC converters and other systems exposed to high voltages..

Fuses produced with solder connections between the melting wire and contact caps are considered to have an inherent weakness in the solder joints; the production process for this type of technology is not always 100% error free. Welding the contacts is a more reliable method and SCHURTER’s new, patented welding process guarantees the highest reliability.

Pricing for the AEO starts at $3.29 per each in 500 piece quantities. Link to datasheet AEO 10.3x38 and additional info at: https://www.schurter.com/en/Newsroom/Timeline/AEO-10.3x38-Automotive-Fuse. For sales and product information, contact sales@arnoldtech.com



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